Dr. Todd Moore

Dr. Todd Moore has been practicing in the Lake Travis area for almost 20 plus years.

He is the father of two beautiful kids who attend Lake Travis schools. He is blessed to be married to Shauna Moore. He is a devoted father that cherishes time spent with family and close friends. When he is not coaching his children or watching their performances or games, he enjoys being active and playing basketball, tennis, golf, weight lifting, or chasing kids and being on the lake or beach.

He is passionate about helping others through Chiropractic and serving God to the best of his ability. His favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Dr. Todd treats each patient like he would treat his own family. He is a “straight shooter” and offers consultation to each patient based on integrity, knowledge, and compassion. He loves his profession and enjoys going to work every day.

There are few professions more gratifying than Chiropractic, imagine helping people with a multitude of symptoms with only: your hands, knowledge of human biomechanics, your intuition and experience. People regularly “crawl-in” the office, and “walk-out” feeling much better. He takes great pride helping children eliminate their chronic ear infections. Headaches are regularly treated with great success as are so many other symptoms. Dr. Todd was trained at Parker Chiropractic University in Dallas, which is considered the Premier Chiropractic University in the nation.

At Dr. Todd’s office you can receive the type of treatment that you deserve from someone who cares about you as an individual. You will feel compassion and love at Dr. Todd’s office, guaranteed.