“I came into Dr. Todd’s office because I dislocated my shoulder, later to find that my bicep tendon was out of place. We spent days and days trying to push it back into place manually, even though the pain was unbearable at most points. Finally, on the 5th day of trying, my tendon moved back to its original, rightful place. Without Dr. Todd, I probably would have had to have surgery and my tennis career would be pretty much over. So in a way, Dr. Todd is a miracle worker and I’m so grateful for how much he helped me.”

– R. Immler

“I have been a patient of Dr. Todd’s for over five years. I have ongoing back issues and Dr. Todd has helped me so much! A couple of years ago I woke up with searing pain running down my leg. I went to a walk in clinic and they did not know what to make of it. After getting no relief I called Dr. Todd who recommended that I have an MRI immediately. He even set it up for me! It turns out I had a synovial cyst on my spine, that was causing pain to radiate down my left leg. If it would not have been for Dr. Todd’s knowledge I would have never known what that was all about! I highly recommend Dr. Todd to anyone who is in pain! He is a very good at what he does, and at the same time he is very caring and compassionate with all his patients!”

– Jenny Thatcher

“I had low back pain where I could hardly roll out of bed. I came to Dr. Todd and he put me on the decompression table and I was without pain for over 3 years. Through his manipulation, there has always been improvement physically. He is also a doctor who always puts you at ease while going through manipulation. I would recommend Dr. Todd to everyone.”

– Diane Wilson

“On appreciation for all that you do to keep me walking and out of pain, thank you. Dr. Todd, you have relieved the pain in my shoulders. You have given me the best therapy for my ruptured back. The special emergency when you came in on a Saturday when I pushed my femur into my hip helped so much.”

– Corinne M.

“My dad pulled his rib from his vertebrae and when he came home screaming I thought he had a sphere stuck in his back. I was horrified. For about 2 weeks he was complaining about his back. He went to the doctor and realized he pulled his rib from his vertebrae. Then went to Dr. Todd and made him feel all better.”

– Dilar McClain

“Life isn’t just good when you see Dr. Todd, LIFE IS GREAT!”

– Lynne Morgan

“I came to Dr. Todd for lower back pain. After a few treatments and a lot of adjustments, I have never felt better! It takes me almost an hour to drive to Dr. Todd’s office and it’s the best 15 minutes of my life!”

– Les Hibler, Kyle

“In 2005 I began experiencing soreness/fatigue in my left leg TFL region during the course of my daily runs. At that point, I had ignored the problem too long and had to acknowledge that something was not right. Running the hilly terrain in the Lake Travis area was no longer an option. I consulted with Dr. Todd and he was quickly able to ascertain that my hips were rotated in such a manner that resulted in … 1) my leg lengths to be significantly uneven and 2) my TFL region receiving the brunt of the work that was normally reserved for the thigh muscle. The root causes were also diagnosed and Dr. Todd initiated a treatment program that put me on the track to recovery, allowing me to run again in a few short weeks. The success of the initial treatment program also allowed me to quickly move to a low maintenance plan that has proven successful and has also contributed to greater general health. In Dr. Todd, you will not find a more competent professional that also cares deeply about the well-being of his patients. He is a true asset to the community.”

– Brian Benton

“For several years I went to a chiropractor whose treatments for my back pain consisted of getting my body into a contorted position with body twisted and knees bent while my back was “popped.” That, along with a few minutes on a vibrating machine, consisted of my periodic treatments. I decided to seek another chiropractor because a constant pain in my leg over a protracted time period was always dismissed as the onset of arthritis even though I knew it was probably a pinched nerve triggered by whatever caused my back pain. Despite my insistence that it was not arthritis he never varied his routine and that’s the reason I left him, with a bad back and in constant leg pain. When I visited Dr. Todd, the first thing he did was X-Ray my neck and spine and from that he determined the probable cause(s) of my problems – a totally misaligned spine, etc., and we established a mutually agreeable program to cure my problems. Within the first two visits my back pain was gone and my “arthritis” was cured. Now, for the past five years, or so, I have relied on Dr. Todd to keep my spine and neck aligned through periodic visits, and this has kept me essentially free from serious back issues – something pretty important for a 74 year-old who still plays golf. I personally recommend Dr. Todd to anyone experiencing back, neck, or leg problems, no matter what age. He’s very good at what he does.”

– Chris Abreo

“I have been struggling with back pain for way too long. I finally went to an orthopedic doctor who told me my only option was surgery. I wasn’t willing to do that which is why I called Eve who I knew worked for Dr. Todd. He is absolutely wonderful! He saw me right away and was totally honest about not being able to guarantee that the treatment would work for my specific problem. Fortunately, it has helped tremendously and it is truly a pleasure to step inside his office.”

– Diana Pate, IDD Patient

“In December 2008, I was having lower back issues due to a misalignment in the pelvic area. This was caused by a knee replacement that caused that leg to be longer than my other leg. Dr. Todd’s adjustments have continued to help me maintain my mobility so that at 70 years of age I can still windsurf, race walk, and fly fish.”

– Neil West

“I sure feel 100% better than when I came in!”

– Ernie Steinle

“My back had gotten so bad that I could not walk. I discussed this with Charles Edwards and he told me, “You need to go and see Dr. Todd”! In the past, I have had shots in my back but they stopped working. I have now had my fifth IDD treatment with Dr. Todd and the improvement is unbelievable! I look forward to my appointments!”

– Dee Ann Burns-Farrell

“I have been a patient of Dr. Todd’s for almost six years. I have an adjustment weekly to maintain optimal health. Dr. Todd has an amazing ability to locate and adjust/relieve any problems that I am having. Because of that, I am really never sick. He is a great chiropractor and an equally great man. Our community is lucky to have him here.”

– Dianne Webb

“Dr. Todd has changed my life. Unfortunately, I was involved in an auto accident that left me in bad shape. Dr. Todd created a rehab program that fixed my body and allowed me to enjoy life again.”

– Tyler Helwig

“Dr. Todd will slap you back into good health. He somehow always knows how to find the source of the problem and has a solution. I feel great after a visit to Dr. Todd.”

– Warren Sumner

“My husband started seeing Dr. Todd weekly about 5 years ago for his back issues. Dr. Todd helped the pain from my husband’s MS. When our daughter and son were born, Dr. Todd spoke with us about ear infections and how he could help prevent them with the kids. So, they have been coming weekly since they were a few months old. They are now ages 3 & 2 and we are happy to report that they’ve never had to take antibiotics for ear infections!!! He also keeps their “spines in line” and feeling good! The kids love coming to see Dr. Todd and Ms. Eve and really look forward to their weekly visits!”

– Jennifer Cook, Bee Caves

“About 4 months ago, I sought Dr. Todd’s help in dealing with lower back pain and a horrendous pain running down the back of my left leg. Thankfully, due to his expertise in decompression and adjustments, I am free of pain most of the time. At my suggestion, he led me to the best physical therapist in our Lakeway area. After 6 weeks with her and continued work with Dr. Todd, I feel like I have been in the best of hands. I feel like I have the quality of life that we all desire. It involves a lot of hard work, consistency, and being willing to “suit” up to maintain. Health never comes easily or inexpensively, but we only have one body and his professionalism is worth it. He’s the BEST. He’s always cheerful and attentive.”

– Kat Young, Lakeway

“Dr. Todd has helped us too many times to mention. The biggest issue that Dr. Todd was amazingly able to help was with my son’s Achilles heel trouble. He had been to a foot specialist and was doing therapy but was not improving. After 3 weeks, we came to see Dr. Todd. Immediate relief!!!! My son was able to play in his last football game of the season after missing 3, and he scored the last touchdown of the game for 7th grade football at Marble Falls Middle School!!”

– Carrie Schultz, Marble Falls

“I have been Dr. Todd’s patient for 10 years and can highly recommend him as both a gifted chiropractor and a great guy. I have enthusiastically referred several of my friends to him and all have thanked me for sending them to Dr. Todd. My back would not be the same without my weekly visits and he always adjusts any ache or pain I may have. I am a RAVING fan.”

– DeeDe Clayton

“In 2006 I was experiencing terrible lower back pain. This had happened on and off for years. I went to my primary care physician who sent me for an MRI. When the results came back, my doctor referred me to a back surgeon and told me to make an appointment immediately. I did so. When I went for my initial visit with the surgeon, he told me that I was a classic case with a huge bulging disc at L5/S1 and I had no choice but to have surgery ASAP. For some reason I just kept thinking that there had to be a better way or that there soon would be. I declined the surgery. I struggled through that episode and went about my business worrying when it would come again. Sure enough, it came back and with a mean vengeance. This time, a friend saw that I could not stand straight or hardly walk. She told me about Dr. Todd and his wonderful “machine”. I immediately made an appointment thinking, ahhhhh, this is what I was waiting for. When I showed up for my appointment, I still could not stand straight and was so goofy from the pain and the medication that I actually brought a set of house plans thinking it was my MRI! Dr. Todd checked me out, looked at my MRI (after my wife brought in replacement of the house plans) and put me on the “machine”. It was wonderful!!! It felt like it was doing exactly what I needed. I actually walked out feeling much better and standing much straighter. I signed up for as many treatments as Dr. Todd would allow. After a few weeks of going in for my much anticipated visits, Dr. Todd told me I was finished. I was a little crushed as I was enjoying getting on the “machine” and having some quiet time. As I said, that was 2006. It is now 2011 and thanks to Dr. Todd, my back is still doing great.”

– E.H. “Bubba” Breazeale

“Over the years that I have been going to see Dr. Todd, he has helped me with various problems. Two that come to mind are frozen shoulder and benign positional vertigo. For the frozen shoulder, he patiently worked on it a few times a week until it went away. That was a great relief since it was painful, and I couldn’t sleep on that side. The other option, surgery, would have been much more difficult.

After experiencing vertigo in the middle of the night, I was misdiagnosed by one doctor. Dr. Todd knew exactly what it was, and told me an exercise-type procedure that made it go away. It was a very frightening experience that I had never had before, so I was so happy to know what it was, and, of course, that it disappeared with his help. Now I see Dr. Todd for a weekly adjustment, so my body can hopefully stay balanced and flexible, and I can continue playing tennis for a lifetime! I highly recommend Dr. Todd to anyone looking for a kind, honest and knowledgeable chiropractor.”

– Joan M.

“I started seeing Dr. Todd at the recommendation of a friend several years ago when he was in the office on Hwy 71. Frequent migraines and an old back injury were relieved through his hands. Dr. Todd quickly became an integral part of my life. I felt his concern, care and genuine interest in me as a person. He helped me so much, I recommended him to my husband, who also had old back and knee injuries. Shortly afterward, Jimmy and I signed up to see him regularly instead of “as needed.” We’ve been “regulars” ever since. We credit those regular treatments, IDD therapy (for me) and orthotics (for my husband) with our good health in spite of our Medicare status! We’re so blessed to have Dr. Todd as our friend AND our Doctor because he focuses on natural ways to make the whole body well.”

– Coralea Roquemore

“I have of course been helped greatly by Dr. Todd for several years now, but that isn’t an important story. What is important is that Dr. Todd has taken on the task of helping my son Thomas (who was born with CP), by visiting him most Friday’s, right after work, at our home. His work for Thomas has resulted in significant range of motion improvements for T, and has eased the tightness of his muscles. For example, he sleeps stretched out now, rather than curled up. He can lay on a firm surface completely stretched out now, which was not possible before Dr. Todd started working with him. This is dedication to care that goes beyond what could be reasonably expected, and we appreciate him very much.”

– Don M., Lakeway

“Dr. Todd has been my chiropractor for a long time. I can’t remember when I first started coming to him. He has made it possible for me to keep going through lots of back, neck shoulder, hip, and leg pain–every part–and sometimes the pain I’m in has been a lot to me. And, as I’m “maturing” and still doing gardens and yard work and work a part-time job and on and on, he’s really had his job cut out for him!! I really appreciate him and Ella and Eve so very much.”

– Doylene Fenton

“Dr. Todd always knows how to tweak my family’s neck, back, or legs or any pain we have ever had. He’s the BEST!”

– L. Sumner

“I told a friend of mine of my sciatic condition who had been a patient of Dr. Todd’s. He insisted that I get in to see Dr. Todd. I could hardly get out of bed in the mornings to go get some Advil pills to get me through the day. After 2 treatments on the decompression bed (IDD) at Dr. Todd’s office, my pain drastically subsided. After about 10 treatments, I rarely had any noticeable pain. I have now been off pain pills for more than a month. I believe I am close to being totally cured.”

– C. Edwards

“What can I say but, it works! Decompression machine or surgery? No contest. Dr. Todd showed me a bulging disc on an x-ray between my 5th and 6th vertebrae that was causing my pain, numbness, and tingling in shoulders, arms, and hands. Expert diagnosis plus a series of sessions on the IDD machine have accomplished results that are truly spectacular. Spinal adjustments for my lower back have also been great. Knowledge, caring, and effectiveness. A winning combination. THANK YOU, Dr. Todd!”

– Michele Kelly

“I have been seeing Dr. Todd since 2005. He has helped me in so many ways! My regular visits have helped maintain feeling good and a great quality of life. Recently, I had knee troubles (inflammation, tendonitis) and Dr. Todd fixed me up with Kinesio tape which works miracles! Within minutes, I felt relief! I would recommend this to everyone to try at least once for any area you are having stiffness or inflammation. Dr. Todd is just great and I would never go to another Chiropractor. He knows exactly what you need–very insightful! Thank you, Doc!”

– Sharon Clancy, Austin

“I came in for my 3rd IDD treatment program for my lower back. I have osteoarthritis and the treatments have helped tremendously to relieve the pressure and give me a much better range of motion.”

– Ken Bond, Austin

“I can’t thank you enough for taking such good care of me when I hurt my back. You were so sweet to fit me into your schedule…and give me your cell in case I needed help over the weekend! I’ll have to say I was a bit nervous to have my back adjusted while 7 months pregnant, but you put me at ease…and just like you said, I walked out of there upright and feeling 100% better. I was even able to go to work as scheduled. You are a wonderful doctor and a great person.”

– Julie Swett, Lakeway

“I first came to Dr. Todd to bring my husband for back pain. He had already been to see Dr. Todd and had amazing results. I then started having back problems and started seeing Dr. Todd as well. After my first visit, I felt totally better. He was very thorough with the entire first visit, and thereafter as well. I will definitely continue to visit Dr. Todd and thanks to him, not as often as before. Thanks, Dr. Todd.”

– Monica Campbell

“I started seeing Dr. Todd 5 or 6 years ago because I was having frequent headaches and back pain. With regularly scheduled adjustments, I have had significant improvement and rarely have headaches or back pain. I have seen several Chiropractors in the past and Dr. Todd, without a doubt, is the most painless!”

– S. Bennett

“Not only has my sciatica issue subsided, but my overall health has improved. I’m rarely sick and have a general sense of well-being in my entire body. Dr. Todd is the BEST! I’m a once-a-week for maintenance patient now!”

– Dianne Webb

“While on vacation my back went out and I spent five (5) days in pain and a wheelchair. The flight home was miserable and I literally “crawled-in” to Dr. Todd’s office at 8am the next morning seeking emergency relief.

The difference in my condition within 24 hours was amazing!

Knowing exactly what to do (after taking x-rays), Dr. Todd adjusted me and got me doing the correct stretches to loosen up the back muscles that earlier were locked in spasm. (All this without need for heavy drugs like muscle relaxers and pain relievers – just ice and ibuprofen).

More than taking me out of pain, Dr. Todd jump-started my attitude-recovery as well. I was sure I was broken and never going to be the same active guy.

Can’t describe the joy I felt walking briskly out of his office. And now I’m exercising again, strengthening all the muscles in and around my back to avoid any future incidences.

Thanks Dr. Todd – there’s no other chiropractor for me!”

– Dan Markim, Lake Travis

“After sitting in the emergency room for a while and then the ER doctor not being able to help, I drove over to Dr. Todd’s office. Thanks so much to Dr. Todd for “fixing” my 2 year old’s painful, nurse-maids elbow. He was able to adjust it back into place. Within, a couple minutes, her pain was gone and she was using it freely once again. Thank you again!”

– Rendi W., Lakeway

“Dr. Todd fixed my shoulder!! After months of pain, my range of motion became a day to day problem. After one treatment there was improvement. A few more treatments and I’ll be good as new!!”

– R. Davey

“Having pain for the last 2 1/2 months with no success from several treatments of steroid meds to deep tissue massage and living with constant pain, I heard about Dr. Todd through friends in Lakeway. I decided to visit. With a “Crawl-Ins Welcome” sign at the door, I chuckled as that was me! I took him my lab reports and he looked them over and said that he would try to help. It was not painful, and while lying down with an ice pack on my back, I heard another patient having his adjustment. When he left, he told me that he sees Dr. Todd once a week for maintenance and feels fabulous each time he leaves. I was told to come back the next day to see how I felt. Not only was my agonized area pain free, I was able to sleep for the first night without an Advil PM. I would highly recommend Dr. Todd for both injury and maintenance!”

– Lori

“Great doctor with a great office experience.”

– Tates, Austin

“I had a great experience. I felt very comfortable and welcomed.”

– Anonymous