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Shockwave Therapy at Champion Chiropractic

Using shockwave therapy on legShockwave therapy is a very specific form of care that can be beneficial in breaking up scar tissue, trigger points and adhesions. It uses pulsed waves of acoustic (sound) waves directed into areas of tightness or discomfort, with the goal of alleviating pain, increasing range of motion and decreasing tension in the soft tissues.

At Champion Chiropractic, shockwave therapy is one of our many cutting-edge tools to help patients achieve the best possible results.

Who It Helps

This service is quite specific: it’s a powerful, non-invasive method for addressing scar tissue that can create “knots” or trigger points in the muscles and fascia, whether that scar tissue is caused by torn muscles, surgery or other types of trauma. By breaking up the scarring, the tension in the muscles can often release, lessening your pain and offering greater ease of movement.

Although this type of scar tissue can be found anywhere in the body, we commonly see it in issues like plantar fasciitis, golfer’s/tennis elbow and knee problems.

What to Expect

Based on your examination and diagnosis, Dr. Todd Moore may recommend this service as part of your care plan.

These sessions are only five minutes long, but the effects are typically similar to an hour of deep tissue massage. Our trained technician will direct the probe over the affected area for a few minutes. You will feel some discomfort, but it is much less than what you’d feel in a therapeutic massage—and it only lasts five minutes instead of an hour!

You may be a bit sore after your session, like how you’d feel after a massage. We suggest you drink plenty of water afterwards to help promote recovery.

Most people experience noticeable relief after just one session. However, depending on the nature and severity of your scar tissue and trigger points, a series of sessions may be required for full healing.

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